Taraz Pillow Covers


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This unique, elegant and premium quality pillow cover or case is made of fabrics woven in Alexandria, Egypt, and handcrafted in Armenia. The fabrics are reminiscent of handwoven Armenian rugs and their beautiful ornamental designs. The perfect pinch of color for any room in the house!

This pillow cover is named after the Armenian word for "gentle lady" because the word as well as the date "1887" is woven into the fabric.

Shining star
It's called a shining star because woven into the fabric are fine, delicate, metallic threads. 

Diamond S
This pillow cover features a diamond design with bold red and earthy colors.

Diamond L
Featuring larger and warmer color diamonds this pillow cover is our crowd favorite.

This pillow cover takes its name from a special ornamental snake design used in the fabric of the cover.

Dragon pillow cover showcases beautiful dragon design with red and blue tones.

Size: 43 x 43 cm / 17 x 17 inches.
Material: Cotton-synthetic mix.

Handmade by Vardenis Sewing

Lena and her husband, Armen, are the founders of Vardenis Sewing, a business that sells household linens, custom-made garments, and alterations. Created with the help of a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer, Vardenis Sewing has made thousands of kitchen accessories for HDIF through many years of cooperation. This work provides vital employment to women in one of Armenia's most economically challenged regions.