Crocheted Finger Puppet Set "The Three Billy Goats"

Berd Bears

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Inspire a child's imagination with these adorable crocheted "The Three Billy Goats"-themed finger puppets.
The following are included in the "The Three Billy Goats" set:

  • Large goat
  • Medium goat
  • Small goat
  • Bridge
  • Troll

The stand is not included.

Handmade in Berd

Meline is one of the crocheters with the Berd Women's Resource Center Foundation (BWRCF) whose great sense of humor is imbued in the delightful toys she crafts for HDIF.

BWRCF is a cornerstone of the recent development in Berd with a new eco-center in the middle of town that features a B&B, jam production facility, and space for making HDIF's products. The eco-center has been supported by HDIF-USA, among others.